Two-thirds or 70% of our body is water. It fills up around 60,000 mil cells in our body. Water is essential nutrient that is involved in every function of the body. It helps transport nutrients and waste products in and out of cells. Because 70% of our body is water, we should consume clean water as well in order to make sure our body parts function properly.

What is “AMIDIS” Distilled Water?

AMIDIS is healthy drinking water, which is processed by distillation system or evaporation as well as heated for up to 180 degree Celsius. These series of process produce pure drinking water (NON-MINERAL) free from any pollutants, inorganic mineral as well as any other contaminated material such as chemical or pesticide.

Difference Between Organic and Inorganic Mineral

A couple of opinions state that human body needs mineral. It is correct, but what kind of mineral does a human body need? A human body only needs Organic Mineral.
Organic Mineral is the only type of mineral that a human body needs, which we can get from various foods we consume every day such as rice, chicken, fish, egg, vegetables, fruits as well as supplement vitamins. Inorganic Mineral is the opposite, which is the kind of mineral that is not needed by a human body.
Ground Water contains Inorganic Mineral that is hard to digest and is not needed by a human body.

Harms Caused By Inorganic Mineral

Inorganic mineral in water contains Iron Oxide, Mercury, Arsenic, Magnesium, Aluminium and many other chemical substances originated from the earth. As we may all know, each of those substances has different density; if consumed, will stay in human body and will have negative effect on our body, especially to our liver and kidney because these two body parts act as a filter in our body.

This deposition that is mainly caused by Inorganic Mineral could cause diseases such as kidney stone, gallstone, hardening artery, and diabetes. The deposition could also happen to body axis, which could lead to arthritic.

Difference Between “AMIDIS” Distilled Water and Non-Distilled Water

“AMIDIS” distilled water has Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) of 0 PPM (Part per Million), which means it does not contain any substance or pollutant, hence PURE WATER (H20).

Conversely, non-distilled water or is usually called Spring Water has Total Dissolved Solid in a range of 50 – 150 PPM. This means every millilitre of it contains 50 – 150 different kind of pollutant, inorganic mineral, and any other unknown contaminated substances that are dangerous to a human body if consumed in a long period of time.

Benefits of “AMIDIS”

1. TDS = 0 PPM means AMIDIS could help to optimise any detoxification process that in a human body.
2. Protects our body from bright disease, gallstone disease, arthritic, hardening artery, diabetes, etc. Keeps your skin soft and smooth and prevents wrinkles because AMIDIS does not contain any harmful chemicals or pollutants that clog pores.
3. Enlighten the work of kidney, especially for people with bright disease.
4. Helps people with urinating problems.
5. Helps reduce hypertension as distilled water does not contain any sodium.
6. According to research, one factor that causes Autism is excessive inorganic mineral in a human body. AMIDIS does not increase inorganic mineral in our body.
7. AMIDIS helps your diet program become more effective and successful because AMIDIS does not contain Sodium that binds water in a human body.
8. AMIDIS is very good for athletes and sportsmen because it helps generate sweat from our body better.
9. Perfect to be consumed by people with all ages.
10. AMIDIS is your solution to non-expensive, pure, high-quality and clean drinking water.

Production Process of “AMIDIS” Distilled Water

“AMIDIS” Distilled Water is not just plainly filtered like non-distilled water but it is done through an extensive series of process such as Evaporation where filtered water is heated up to 180 degree Celsius by using Reverse Osmosis system. This process is done to make sure any chemical or other contaminated substance is gone. The next process is called Condensation and Sterilisation by using Ozone and Ultraviolet. These series of process would produce 100% Pure, Healthy AMIDIS Drinking Water, free from any pollutants (PURE WATER H20).

MD References

  • “Our body needs mineral from food we eat, not from water we drink.” (Dr. Clifford Denison)

  • “Water that contains inorganic mineral is the main cause of all diseases” (Dr. Charles Mayo)

  • “Inorganic mineral in water, such as Fosfat, Calcium Carbonate, etc. stays in human body and that could lead to damages of internal body organs, which may be leading to death” (Dr. N.W. Walker, “Water Can Undermine Your Health”, 1996 Norwalk Press, USA)

  • “Damage to internal body organs is mostly caused by inorganic mineral that mixes with fat and salt in our body. This mixture could block blood cell to body organs, which decreases blood supply and damages the organ function.” (Paul C.N.D. Phd., “The Shocking Truth About Water”)

  • “Consuming distilled water (non-mineral) would not have any negative effect to our health, but it has a couple of advantages to our body. It does not increase the level of inorganic mineral in our body and it decreases any inorganic mineral that may be in our body.” (Dr. Allen E. Bani, “Your Water and Your Health”, Keats Publishing, Inc., 1990, Connecticut, USA)

AMIDIS distilled water is the result of a series of process, combination of RO (Reverse Osmosis), Evaporation (by heating the water around 180 degrees celcius that makes all anorganic minerals, chemicals, and other contaminated materials abandoned), Condensation, as well as being sterilised by Ozonisation and Ultraviolet.

  • Enlightens the work of kidney, especialy for people with bright disease.

  • Helps reduce hypertension as distilled water does not contain any sodium.

  • Keeps your skin soft and smooth and prevents wrinkles because AMIDIS does not contain any harmful chemicals or pollutans that clogs pores.

  • TDS = 0 PPM means AMIDIS could help you to optimise any detoxification process that you may have.

  • Helps vitamins and all good substance distribution in your body through bloodstream.

  • AMIDIS helps your diet program become more effective and successful.

  • Makes all your foods and drinks taste better.

  • The perfect drink to all family members.

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