• Dr. Charles Mayo from Mayo Clinic, USA, says: "Water that contains anorganic mineral is the main cause of all disease."

  • "...Anorganic Mineral that solubles in the water like calcium fosfate, calcium carbonate, etc, stays in our body, and will cause damage to body cells and even causing death..."

    - Dr. N.W. Walker, "Water Can Undermine Your Health", 1996, Norwalk Press, USA.

  • "Land below us contains loads of anorganic mineral but our body could never use them, only plants could, and change them into organic mineral that is good for human and animals. ..."

    "The biggest damage to body organs is caused by anorganic mineral that has mixed with fat and kitchen salt in blood. The mixture clogs blodstreams to body organs and damage the function of the body organ."

    - Paul C. Bragg, N.D./Phd., "The Shocking Truth About Water", Health Science, Box & Santa Barbara California.

  • "Drinking distilled water does not have side or negative effect to your health instead it brings more benefit to your health. Firstly, it does not add up more anorganic mineral to your body, and secondly, it cleanse up any anorganic mineral in your body."

    - Dr. Allen E. Bani, "Your Water and Your Health", Keats Publishing, Inc., 1990, Connecticut, USA.

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